Klaus Kruse

Klaus Kruse is a Director, Scenographer, Performer, Poet and Songwriter based in the UK since 2002. He is the Coordinator of the Acting Course at Falmouth University. He has previously taught as associate and visiting lecturer at London School of Economics, Academy of the Arts Reykjavic, University of Plymouth and University of the Arts Berlin.

Klaus works as Artistic Director, Scenographer and Writer for Living Structures which he co-founded in 2007. He also worked as Director, Scenographer and Writer for The Solvents Live Art and Theatre Collective, which he cofounded in 2002.

Klaus is specialised in designing and directingimmersive theatre productions. He has a particular interest in the significance of the audience physical position in the performance space. The environments he designs are contraptions that allow the performance landscape to be transformed throughout an event. His company Living Structures utilises ‘changing spatial reality’ as a tool for storytelling that engages audiences in unusual ways.

Klaus has studied Contemporary Dance and Theatre at the School for New Dance Development Amsterdam (SNDD) at the University of the Arts Berlin (UDK) and at Darington College of Arts UK (DCA) where he completed both his BA (Hons) and MA in Devised Theatre.

Dani d’Emilia

An Italo-Brazilian artist working in various solo and collaborative performance, theatre and live art projects internationally.

Dani is particularly interested in nurturing opportunities for exchange and transformation, crossing borders between the logical and the lyrical to connect and activate different bodies (the anatomical body, the cultural body, the political body, the ecological body…)

She has studied at Dartington College of Arts (1st class BA Hons in Theatre and Visual Arts Practices), The Desmond Jones School of Mime and Physical Theatre and The University of Rio Grande do Sul (Scenic Arts) as well as undertaken training in Anthropological Theatre, Acrobatics, Butoh, Kalaripayattu,Yoga, Kung Fu and other physical practices.

Between 2004-2007 she integrated The Solvents Performance Collective (http://thesolvents.net) and since 2008 also works as part of La Pocha Nostra (http://pochanostra.com).

Dani is a co-founder of Living Structures in which she works as Assistant Director, Producer, Devisor, Installation Artist and Performer.

Samples of her work can be found on: http://dani-demilia.blogspot.com/

Dugald Ferguson

Dugald Ferguson is a British / New Zealand artist based in the UK working on solo, collaborative and commissioned pieces in the visual arts and performance.

Working with: bold colour, film, gouache, Maori design, graphite, collage, dance, knitting, photography, nostalgic kiwiana, printing, food, dolls house paraphernalia, pornography, dioramas, bad puppetry, comedy, paint, carbon paper, the 1920’s – 40’s, voice and sound, domestic DDR objects and industrial appliances, large scale immersive structures, and sports men –

his solo performance and visual arts practice likes to examine his gay / male subjectivity playfully exploring concepts of hyper-masculinity (especially in the sports arena), the behavioural effects of repression (external and/ or self applied), appropriating and reclaiming oppressive negative histories and laughing at stigmas surrounding ‘the gays’.

He is a co-founder of Living Structures and Artists Collective The Norwich Dandies and is currently producing a tour for his new solo show ‘Torrents of Rapture’ in co-production with the Norwich Arts Centre and Norwich Pride and supported by Arts Council England.

He has a background in acting, improvisation, painting, drawing, dance, and acrobatic / gymnastic movement and trained in devising theatre at Dartington College of Arts graduating in 2005.



Ula Dajerling

Ula Dajerling is a polish artist based in London. Ula studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Dartington College of Arts and Chelsea College of Art and Design.

In 2010 Ula has been awarded Cecil Lewis Sculpture Scholarship and  Special Project Award from The Chelsea Arts Trust towards her postgraduate research at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Her work focuses on the notion of transformation of material and space within a sculptural environment. She has exhibited in the UK, and also internationally, with organizations including Bbeyond (Belfast), Plymouth Arts Centre and Center of Culture Zamek (Poland). Her work has been reviewed in Circa Magazine, A-N Interface and other publications.

Verity Standen

A London based Composer, Performer and Vocal Coach, she graduated from Dartington College in 2007 with 1st Class Honours in Music Performance. Her vocal repertoire incorporates contemporary/soul/world and jazz.

To date, her work has focused on using and manipulating perceptions of the ‘feminine’ voice/aesthetic and incorporating stylised movement, theatre and farce into muliebral environments. ‘The Antique Women’ is a collaborative live performance group led by Verity. The group are taking part in this years LadyFest Festival with their new cross-artform piece ‘Mu*lie*bri*ty’.

In addition to running her own solo voice projects, Verity has toured with several acapella vocal groups. She is currently teaching and leading acapella harmony choirs/workshops in London as well as performing in a contemporary voice collective.

Verity works as Musical Director, Composer and Performer for Living Structures.