Perspectives (R&D PHASE)
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Perspectives (R&D PHASE)

Perspectives is a piece of Dance Theatre that investigates the choices we make in deciding on what we believe to be true and false, or real and fake. We want to observe these notions on an interpersonal level as well as looking at how our social understanding of truthfulness, and what information can be trusted, is affected by the current social and political landscape. Spectators will be seated in chairs on wheels allowing the performers to move and re-arrange the audiences’ seating constellation. The varying constellations and correlations provide patterns in space that create a shifting ‘landscape’ for the dancers to perform within. The shifting relationships between audience, performers and space function as representations and similitudes, these physically frame the conceptual ideas the piece explores.

The spatial setup of my design engages spectators in an unusual way allowing us to organically move between more established stage settings and intimate and interactive forms of performance. The movement of audiences on the chairs becomes a choreographic device in itself, actively integrating spectators within the spatial and movement composition. The videos below show a prototype of my seating system which I have built for my work with students from Falmouth University on an Immersive and Interactive theatre module.